Owners must be current with their Mortgage and Maintenance Fees to utilize their vacation week, owner rates and Ownership Benefits. Maintenance Fees are billed in October for the upcoming calendar year and are due upon receipt. Maintenance Fees may be paid online at or Owners who fail to pay their fees in full before January 15th of each year will incur a $35 Late Fee on January 15th. Beginning March 1st an additional $5 per month Late Fee will be assessed on the 1st of each month. Maintenance Fees are due and payable regardless of whether or not an owner uses their vacation week.


All Timeshare owners are responsible to ensure their vacation week is used or deposited within each calendar year that they have usage. Weeks Do Not “roll-over” or accumulate from year to year. You may reserve your week, within your season, once that year’s maintenance fee is paid in full. Call Customer Care at (800) 609-0009 or go online at to reserve. The weeks available for you to reserve will be based on the season and unit type you own. If you reserve your week at Club Boardwalk Resorts-Flagship you will receive an email confirmation. Please make sure we have your current email address. If you do not receive confirmation after speaking with a Customer Care Representative or booking online, please contact Customer Care to ensure your week was reserved. Unfortunately, we cannot give back weeks that were not used or deposited prior to their expiration.  Floating weeks expire December 31st of the year of usage. Floating week reservations are based upon availability, so plan accordingly and reserve early.


As a Chairman’s Club owner, you may choose to have your week deposited with Interval International as a full week or as points. You must make this choice at the time you are requesting your week be deposited. Once deposited, your choice cannot be changed. If deposited as a full week, you will only be able to exchange through the weeks program based on the unit size and season deposited. You will not be able to exchange/transact through the points program. If deposited as points, you will only be able to exchange/transact through the points program based on the point value of your deposit. You will not be able to exchange through the weeks program. 


Call our Customer Care Department at (800) 609-0009 and our representatives will assist you with making your deposit. Your Interval International Club Interval Gold membership must be current and the expiration date must be after the check-in date of the week we are depositing. If your Club Interval Gold membership is not current, your week cannot be deposited as points. Weeks must be deposited no later than 120 days prior to the commencement of the last week of the season you own. Weeks deposited with less than a 120 day lead time will receive a reduced point value based on Interval International’s policies.


Call our Customer Care Department at (800) 609-0009 and our representatives will assist you with making your deposit. Your Interval International membership must be current and the expiration date must be after the check-in date of the week we are depositing. Weeks must be deposited no later than September 1st of the year being deposited. To maximize exchange power, we urge you to deposit your vacation week as soon as possible. 

Weeks / Points are deposited on a rolling schedule and will not necessarily be the week denoted on your deed but will have the same point value. You will receive confirmation of your deposit from Interval International.


You may split your week at Club Boardwalk Resorts – Flagship. However, Split weeks are not made available to those that choose to deposit their week. Weeks may be split into two parts. One part is a 3-night weekend (Friday-Monday or Saturday-Tuesday). The other is a 4-night midweek (Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday). There are no exceptions to this structured usage. Reservations are based upon availability. Split weeks can only be used at Club Boardwalk Resorts – Flagship. Unused portions cannot be deposited. There is a one time $45 Fee when splitting your week. This Fee is payable upon check-in of the first split. You must use both the weekend and midweek portions of your split week during the calendar year. Unused portions cannot be carried over to the next year so please plan accordingly.


Chairman Rate Reservations are Discounted Hotel Reservations for units that accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Rates are based on season, day of the week and unit type reserved. Saturday night stays in a unit type larger than what you own will incur a $25 upgrade fee. Standard Owner Rates do not apply to Holidays/Holiday weekends. Holiday Rates range from $125 to $275 based on the Holiday, the day of the week and unit size. All owner rate policies apply. This privilege is applicable to owners only. There are no exceptions. Your Maintenance Fee must be paid in full before you can make Owner Rate Reservations. Owner Rate Reservations may be requested 60 days or less prior to the check-in date you are requesting. Availability of Owner Rate Reservations is not guaranteed and is based upon availability of excess inventory. 

To make reservations go and click on “Rental” or you can call Customer Care at (800) 609-0009 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm.


There are occupancy limits on each unit. Owners are prohibited from allowing occupancy to exceed the maximum permitted occupancy. The maximum permitted occupancy is limited to two (2) persons for each bed in the unit being occupied. Children and adults are equally counted in determining occupancy.  Owners exceeding the maximum permitted occupancy during their stay shall be deemed to be in default of their Interval Agreement and shall not be entitled to use their Interval.


Housekeeping services are provided once during the owner’s full week vacation. Requests for towels, trash removal, etc. are available by calling the housekeeping department. It is the responsibility of each owner to keep their unit in good condition and repair during their stay.


When using your vacation week at Club Boardwalk Resorts – Flagship, you are guaranteed a like-kind unit and not necessarily the unit on your deed.


Owner weeks are Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday only. Split Week usage is explained above. There are no exceptions to this structured usage. Check-in begins at 4:00pm on the day of your arrival. Check-out is by 11:00am on the day of your departure. Your Owner Card and a Credit Card are required at check-in. The credit card will be authorized for the $50 security deposit (plus the $45 Split Week Fee if applicable). Only those named on the reservation/contract will be permitted to check-in. If someone other than those named on the contract will be checking in, you must provide us with your guest’s name prior to your guest’s arrival.

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